14 Days in Egypt: Part V Hurghada


This is the only view we wanted for the next seven days. 


Showing up in Hughada meant that we would be getting lots of time to sit around and relax.  The sunsets on the Red Sea were perfect every day. 


Just in front of us was the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea.


Looking at the pool side restaurant around 10PM.  There were three infinity pools here at different levels.


Here we are at the lowest level pool that overlooks the beach.

Hurghada was once a small fishing village on the Red Sea with very little tourism, but now you will find every major hotel chain here.  It is quickly becoming a very popular winter destination for Europeans.  The constant sunny skies and warm weather are a draw along with some of the best diving you’ll ever do.


This is one of the few times were wore ‘regular’ clothes at the hotel.  Most of the time we were in swimming suits with towels around our necks.  We were heading into town for dinner and came across a very good Italian restaurant called Da Nanni.


This is a view of part of the hotel’s reef.  I ended up making one night dive here that turned out to be one of the most interesting dives I’ve ever made. 

Our time at in Hurghada would be all about relaxing.  Laura would take some time to visit the spa and get some reading done by the pool while I would go out diving.  We had seen so many monuments and temples in the last week that we could hardly differentiate one from another.  They were all spectacular, but it was getting hard to separate some of them in our minds.  We wanted to spend the last week of our trip having late breakfasts, lounging by the pool, and room service dinners. 


Our back deck and private sunning area if you want the ‘all over’ tan.

This may have been the most beautiful hotel we have ever stayed in.  Each room was at least 900+ sq ft with a large private deck and sun area.  Just in front of the hotel was a great reef for diving and snorkeling.  The hotel was fairly isolated so you were forced into relaxing.  Too bad.


Here’s the view of our room from the outside.  Each room was more like an apartment than a hotel room.  I think we’re ready to go back.


The pools and the Red Sea coming together.



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