Seattle Dental and Dough


Yippee!  A new dentist close to home. 

How do you find a dentist in a place where Mandarin in the main language?  You look for something familiar.  We have been looking for dentist since we arrived and the place to go was just around the corner from us.  Laura found this place, Seattle Dental Clinic, just about one block from school and five blocks from our house.  After seeing the big UW on his banner and the name Seattle Dental Clinic we went in for a closer look and were very happy to find that he was a graduate of UW and the University of Pennsylvania.  We promptly made appointments and finally have a dentist to visit.  The best part is that we are covered by the national health care system so visits are only NT$150 (US$4.50).


Freshly made fettuccine noodles using the Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker.

Laura and I have been on a dough and pasta making kick this week.  Making fresh pasta is one of those things that requires very few ingredients, two to be exact, and doesn’t take long to make.  With the help of a pasta machine making fresh fettuccine or spaghetti isn’t very hard.  Since we were in the habit of making fresh dough for pasta we decided to try making a some pizza dough as well.  It’s a little more involved, but the pay-off is worth the time and effort.  Even though you can easily go out and buy noodles or pizza crust, there is a certain enjoyment in making it yourself from scratch.  I’m not sure how long this fresh pasta making kick will last, but it’s fun for now.


Ready to go into the oven.

One thought on “Seattle Dental and Dough

  1. Found your blog by searching for “seattle dentist mandarin”… We are looking for Dr. Fu’s “Seattle Dental Clinic” that you show in your picture. Seattle telephone indexes don’t seem to list it by that name nor do we find a dentist by the name of “Fu” listed. My guess is that the establishment you are refering to is not in Seattle… Correct?

    My wife, Bo Ping, is Chinese and has never been to a dentists. After discussing the situation with my dentist, we believe it would be better for her first encounter to be with a dentist that speaks her native tounge.



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