Diving in Bitiou Harbor and Wreck Point


Back on the surface after the deep dive.  On this training dive we reached 26m/85ft.  Bottom time is greatly reduced when going deep, but it’s exciting. Suprisingly, the water is about 30c/86f.  That plenty warm for me.

I’m addicted.  I can’t stop thinking about diving.  I reached my Adventure Diver status and now I’m working on my Advanced Open Water Diver certification.  As part of the Advanced training you are required to make 5 adventure dives, but two of your dives must be ‘core’ dives.  The core dives for getting the Advanced certificate are a Deep Dive and Underwater Navigation. 


A quick peek at the dive computer shows that I was at 25.7 meters, 7 minutes of elapsed dive time and had 22 minutes left before I would have to make a decompression stop.  The spot where we were conducting our exercises was fairly muddy and as people moved around the mud and silt was lifted off the bottom and reduced visibility to about 1 meter.  Before the dive we had a short exercise.  We had to write our name backward and we were timed.  Once we reached the bottom we had to perform the same exercise.  Fortunately I wasn’t suffering from narcosis and kept a clear head.  Interestingly though one student was able to write their name name backward in 15 seconds (long last name) at the surface, but it took a full 25 seconds at depth.  There wasn’t too much danger here, but your thoughts can get a little clouded.  The purpose of this dive was to help you become aware of the effects of getting narc’d.


An animal with a name you won’t forget.  The Nudibranch comes in countless varieties and colors.  One of the reasons you’ll see lots of photos of these little creatures is that they are colorful and they are one of the few animals in the sea that is slow enough to get a decent photograph. 


Morey eel at Wreck Point.


Another eel at Wreck Point being a little shy.


Some common coral fish about at about 4 meters deep.

Last weekend I completed the UWN dive and this weekend I completed the Deep Dive.  The Deep Dive is anything deeper than 18m/60ft.  We ended up going down to 26m/85ft.  The difference between 18m and 26m except that there is a much greater chance of getting something called Nitrogen Narcosis, which is feeling similar to being intoxicated.  If you start to suffer from narcosis your reactions are slowed and your judgment is effected.  The other noticeable difference you’ll see diving deep is the lack of color.  At that depth all of the red color spectrum is absorbed and everything looks blue and gray.


Just about to surface here from our deep dive in Bitou Harbor.  This was a short dive of only 30 minutes.

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