A Pocketful of Egypt in Taipei


The gang heading down to Sababa. 

Laura and I were on a huge pita and falafel kick during and after our Egypt trip.  Coincidentally, Missy had found a new restaurant downtown called Sababa while we were gone that served Egyptian/Mediterranean cuisine.  So we all piled into the car and headed downtown for lunch.  This place is a gold mine.  The food was excellent and it had a very nice, casual atmosphere.  The falafels were larger than the ones we had been eating in Egypt, but they were every bit as good.  So if you are thinking of coming out for a visit and plan on eating lots of Taiwanese/Chinese cuisine save a little room for Sababa, because we’re taking you there too.  Just in case any of our Taipei friends are reading this, here’s their address: 8, Alley 54, Lane 118, HePing E Rd.,  Sec. 2, 1F


Missy putting in her order.


That was a delicious lunch.


 There’s a spot open for you.

After lunch we headed toward Taipei 101 for a little shopping at Eslite, our current replacement for Borders or Barnes and Noble.  We pulled into the parking garage just as a tropical thunderstorm was hitting.  Good timing.


Here we are sitting in some mild Taipei traffic with 101 in the background.

3 thoughts on “A Pocketful of Egypt in Taipei

  1. I (for one) love it that you guys are back on line. We all love you two tons and following you around and seeing you in your daily life makes me feel like I’m really close to you. Lisa and Emma check your site almost every morning when they first get up. Congrats and say hi to Dan, Missy and the kids.
    Love to you both, Dad


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