Sepat’s Come and Gone

Typhoon Sepat turned out to be much less potent than originally thought.  I did head out for a short errand and saw some trees down and branches all over the road, but structural damage wasn’t seen.  Everyone along the main streets had their storefront windows taped up and every store and all the malls were closed.  Maybe that was the most remarkable part of the storm.  I’ve NEVER seen the streets that empty.  In many ways it was peaceful to see the streets empty and the stores closed, but of course 7-11 kept their doors open. 

Thanks for the emails and phone call that were made to check on us

3 thoughts on “Sepat’s Come and Gone

  1. Glad to hear you are OK. We followed the storm via the internet and frequently checked your site. Thanks for keping us posted.

    Your Pals,
    Cynthia & Bret


  2. Thanks Cynthia and Bret,

    It was actually much less intense than I thought it would be. I think if we were further south on the island we’d be saying something different.



  3. So glad to hear that you two were okay and that it pretty much missed Taiwan. good to hear that you were prepared though! How did the kittens take all the storms…they say animals are really sensitive to that sort of thing…Love, Jess and Greg


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