We’re just fine

Last night around 1:50AM we woke up to a nice little earthquake.  It felt much different than the Seattle earthquakes we’re used to.  This one felt like a huge amount of horizontal movement.  The blinds were rattling, the hanging lights were swinging and the kitchen utensils were dangling.  When we got to school this morning it was the main topic of conversation for students and faculty.  There were a few people that had items fall from shelves, but that was about it.  Our cats were quite disturbed by it though.  They instantly woke up and were very uneasy for a while. 

The earthquake measured a 6.6 at the epicenter, but was much less here in Taipei.  Nevertheless it was the strongest one we’ve ever felt here.  I think the Seattle earthquake we had a few years ago had a higher rating, but the ground movement didn’t feel as severe.  Again, thanks for the emails of support and concern.

BTW – With all the natural disasters we’ve been in: the tsunami, typhoons and most recently earthquakes, I am going to add a new Category to our list: Natural Disasters.  Anyone want to come stay with us?  🙂

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