Pixie and Millie went in last week to be spayed and came home with shaved bellies, four stitches and very kitten friendly (not really) orange cones.  They were fairly drugged up for the first few days and had trouble walking because of the medication and the awkwardness of the big cone.  All of the normal places that they would dart in and out of became quite a struggle and a bit of a comedy routine at their expense.  The saddest part was that they didn’t recognize each other with the cones and spent the first two days hissing at each other.  We looked it up and found that it wasn’t the cones, instead it was the medical smells that remaining on their wounds that masked their normal scents and kept them from recognizing one-another.  Fortunately this only lasted a couple days and then they were back to what you see above.  The cones come off in three days, just when they start adjusting to life with the cones.

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