Thanks Emma!

I guess the question is: When are you too old to get a care package from home?  I sure hope that I don’t find out the cut-off age, because this is heavenly.  It’s kind of a funny thing your taste buds go through from living overseas for a few years.  All those delicious treats in the photo were never regular items in our house with the exception of the Kool Aid and Cheese Its.   (BTW – When did Kool Aid Singles come out?) Funny thing is that after a few years you get a huge craving for something in particular that becomes even more of a craving obsession because you can’t just go to your local Safeway and buy some. 

Long story short, thanks for going out and getting this stuff Emma.  I couldn’t ask for a better little sister. 


I may be in a sugar induced coma by the end of the night.

Getting this package, all 17.2 lbs of it, was quite a story in itself.  All of those involved know who you are and we REALLY appreciate all of your efforts to get that stuff to us.  Can I repay you by sending some Taiwanese delicacies like fresh frog, hundred year eggs, or stinky tofu (that’s actually what it’s called)?

3 thoughts on “Thanks Emma!

  1. Hi JoAnne,

    I wonder how long it will take me to not miss the snacks and junk food?

    BTW – those kittens you rescued are two of the most loving creatures in the world. Thank you so much! -steve


  2. YUMMY!! How can I get some of those treats sent to us? We have century eggs and stinky tofu here as well! Anyone want to trade?



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