The third time is not a charm

We’ve had two typhoons already this year. The first one wasn’t much more than a rain storm, the second one brought in a little more rain and wind, but neither one was even close to the strength of Krosa. Typhoon Krosa with gusts to 145mph is causing a lot of problems in Taipei. The eye of the typhoon is just passing over Taipei right now.


I managed to get out for a short walk (Laura was NOT too happy about this) and get some photos and video of the damage it is causing. The mountains around us are expecting to get Seattle’s yearly rainfall today and tomorrow. So far we’ve been getting about an inch of rain per hour since 6am.


I noticed several shop keepers sandbagging their doorways as the water was rising quickly in the street. Riding the scooter was impossible so most people gave up and were walking them down the street or parking them in a sheltered area.


When I first got to this spot the scooter was sitting in a wet street with some water running in the gutter. By the time I left 30 minutes later the street looked like this. The street and sidewalk were completely flooded and cars were having a tough time getting by.


One of many tree that were down on our street.

5 thoughts on “The third time is not a charm

  1. Looks like it’s time to get the heck out of “typhoon city”
    Laura was right you should have stayed inside, be careful and be safe



  2. Yes–the roads were difficult to drive on. I know because I was trying to navigate through the flooded streets looking for a certain someone who was missing.


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