Getting around in the Philippines


Getting around the Philippines can be fun, a lot of fun.  You’ll see plenty of two, three and four wheeled vehicles everywhere.  Some of my favorites were the Jeepneys.  The Jeepneys are used to carry everything from produce, see the banana load below, to people to pigs.  The owners take great pride in the outer appearance of their vehicles and each one has a special name proudly displayed on the front.  My favorite, which I didn’t have time to get a photo of was My Lady.  Others have more religious names.  The Jeepneys were everywhere and running in every direction.  They would make very sudden stops to pick up/drop off passengers anywhere on the road.


I imagine with a load like this the mileage isn’t great and frequent stops for gas are required.


Bananas for sale!

Like the trip to Thailand with Morgan, I had to go out and rent a quad again.   Although this one looked more like a dune buggy it was just as much fun.  It’s fun to take these up into the mountains where it’s normally too hard to access by car.  Of course I could probably walk straight up the mountain too, but no thanks.


Morgan, you should have been here.


Diving at a place called Cathedral right in front of our hotel was a little hokey.  They had a small cement castle for everyone to pose around and then opened up a small bag of bread to feed the fish.  You can call it an underwater Disneyland if you like.  I guess it didn’t stop me from posting a photo.

2 thoughts on “Getting around in the Philippines

  1. I love the paint jobs and the names on the buses. It must make getting around a lot more fun. I wonder if it’s private transportation or is it government run? Can anyone start their own bus company?

    Great underwater pictures. Which camera and housing are you using? Is there a housing for the g9 in your future? How can you shoot fast enough to catch some of the quicker fish?


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