Taipei street scene


Laura and I have been enjoying our walks to and from school each day.  That usually means that I have time to snap a few shots of the morning life in Tienmu (our part of Taipei).  The third photo is in the evening near our house.  This vendor usually sets up camp here an sells some type of fruit.  This week it has been apples, but a couple weeks ago he had some delicious peaches.




**For all my camera friends out there, I’ve been enjoying a new toy (Canon G9) for its quick reflexes and inconspicuous nature.  The G9 is a beautiful retro styled camera.  It’s a small, black, silent little camera that feels much more comfortable to lug around than my other ‘big’ gear.  The noise at high ISO’s in this camera is much different than the noise I’ve seen in other compact digital cameras.  It appears that Canon has decided to let the photographer decided how much noise reduction he/she wants.  The images have plenty of detail and don’t show the usual signs of heavy handed noise reduction algorithms used other point-n-shoot cameras.  I still have the F30 (undisputed P&S king of low light photography), but the F30 just doesn’t have the speed and manual abilities of the G9.  I think the F30 will remain my underwater camera for now. **

3 thoughts on “Taipei street scene

  1. Nice photos Steve. It looks like you’re enjoying your awesome new G9. Did you shoot these in B&W mode or did you post process them to B&W?


  2. These were all shot in color with the G9 and then processed using FM Black and White conversion action on CS2. His process is much better than anything I could do on my own.



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