Herb Garden


Here’s the herb garden.

Our apartment is on the ground floor and we have a really nice little
garden patch (about 2 feet deep by 25 feet long) along the side of our
house. Unfortunately, as city people, Steve and I aren’t very capable
in the yard and for the last year it has been completely neglected.


The hot peppers– they’re white right now.


A little parsley and thyme.

This weekend we finally had two gardeners come over and remove all the
debris and a couple dead trees (casualties of the typhoon). In
addition, they planted over 100 herb plants for us—it is a cook’s
dream! They planted 35 hot pepper plants, so I’m guessing that they
assume we eat like locals.


We now have fresh basil, lemon basil, mint, lemon balm, sage, thyme, curly parsley, what I think is bayleaf, and of course the hot peppers.
We still need cilantro, which they call parsley here, and we’re hoping they’ll be able to find Italian parsley, but we’re not getting our hopes up.



So if you’re in the mood for a home cooked meal, complete with fresh herbs, hop on the next flight to Taipei and we’ll have dinner waiting.

3 thoughts on “Herb Garden

  1. Wow thats quite nice!having a garden in a tiny space.did u use garden soil wid compost or just plain soil?hope to hear from u guys!im also starting my herb garden hir in the philippines!


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