Scooter names

By far the most common private transportation on the streets of Taipei is a scooter. Laura and I add to those numbers by frequently making the short commute to school on our scooter. Rain or shine we know that if we need to get somewhere quickly it will have to be by scooter. Driving a car means that you have to use the 3X rule, meaning that if you spend 10 minutes on the scooter getting somewhere you can count on a 30 minute trip by car to the same place.

I can’t remember the statistics, but there are FAR more scooters than cars. With so many scooter companies and models, naming each model has become very creative. Some of the names are probably just poor translations, but they’re entertaining anyway.

Here’s a collection of scooter names that we see each day on our walk to school.


Top Boy

Freeway 125 – Let the good time roll by Freeway


Man – Enjoy yourself boy (?)



Herself – Go for the….. (couldn’t read the rest)


Filly – In touch with tomorrow

Fever – Go for the sun and fun

Easy – The more you like

3 thoughts on “Scooter names

  1. PLEASE post pix of your kitty’s. I haven’t seen them in ages.

    RE; scooter names–I saw “Comet”, but they didn’t have Cupid, Donner or Blizen! Guess we’ll have to wait for their newer models!

    Love, Auntie P.


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