Seattle Surprise Visit


Nothing better than being a total geek on the couch


Someone was very surprised

After returning late one night from Phuket I jumped on a plane early the next morning to surprise my dad with a quick birthday visit. I would have flown around the world two times just to see the look on his face when he walked in the door and saw me sitting there in his chair. It was priceless. It was a short visit, but we managed to get a lot done including two trips to the Apple store in U-village, two trips to Fry’s electronics, a trip to Best Buy and a trip to Circuit City. I guess you can imagine what was on my shopping list.


Hanging out with my little sister making monkey bread


Enjoying the freshly baked monkey bread…..delicious!

I hadn’t been home for a year and half and it felt good to be back in the cool, damp Seattle air. It’s nice to see familiar places and be surrounded by English speakers and English writing. I like the challenge of learning Mandarin, but not being able to read a single label at the grocery store or being able to carry a conversation with someone can be difficult.


My shopping list included runs to every computer and gadget store, Laura’s was taken care of at Barnes and Noble


It’s always nice to see good friends


Making connections in Tokyo is easy


A little inflight nutrition to keep me going


Sunrise as I reach the west coast of the United States

One thought on “Seattle Surprise Visit

  1. Steve, thank you for your wonderful visit! We all had such a great time and miss you already. You made your Dad’s 60th Birthday unforgetable and a memorable one. Emma misses you A LOT and she says she is still the champion in Wii Sports! Zoe wanted you to take her home with you, but I guess you forgot?! HAHA
    Hello to Laura….We missed you! It looks like you will have a little reading to do? 🙂
    Let’s do this again sometime… was worth every penny and more. We all love you,


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