Tastes Like (chewy) Chicken

After hanging out with our friends in Phuket, Thailand for a few days they came to stay with us in Taipei. It’s always fun to have friends come and visit and see our home away from home. We went to some of our favorite spots including Jesse’s Farmhouse up in the mountains, People’s restaurant and the top of Taipei 101.


Laura, Patti and Jim making their way up to the top of 101 the slow way.


Laura and Patti buying tickets to make the quick elevator ride to the top of 101. The elevator is a pressurized cabin that makes the 1000ft+ trip in 37 seconds, to make it the fastest elevator in the world.


There are about 8 million of us down there in the Taipei metro area.


Patti taking a sip of the fruit iced tea.


On the steps leading to People’s restaurant.


Going through the menu


Fun way to bring out the appetizers


Tastes like chewy chicken, but it’s actually frog legs.


This time we got preferential parking treatment and left our F430 behind the glass. Actually it was just one of the cars the local Ferrari dealer was tantalizing us with.

2 thoughts on “Tastes Like (chewy) Chicken

  1. You mentioned Jessie’s Farmhouse in the mountains. Do you have an address for that? A friend told us to go there, but I can’t find it anywhere else besides on your page. HELP!


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