Bali Vacation

While Steve and the three kitties stayed home in the cold and rain, Shalini and I were off to Bali for four days. Our days were filled with lounging by the pool, reading books, walking on the beach, and napping during the afternoon rain. We did take some time out of our busy days to take a trip to the John Hardy jewelry factory. The showroom, which has $3000 water pictures and $2000 earrings, has bamboo floors and a thatched roof (needless to say, I went home empty-handed). Visitors are able to join the staff for a complimentary lunch and then tour the factory.


Outside the showroom


Entrance to the showroom


Inside showroom (Shalini is browsing in the center of the photo)


Another photo inside the showroom


Lunch table (notice the $$ pitcher in the center of the photo)


Offices at John Hardy


Musicians at the Oberoi Hotel





Melissa surprised me at breakfast at the Fullerton in Singapore


2 thoughts on “Bali Vacation

  1. Wow! That place looks amazing. I went to an art gallery today, but it did not look anything like that. You are so lucky to have such good friends to travel with and to see such great places.
    I love and miss you.


  2. Hi Laura,
    Your vacation with Shalini looks just beautiful, dreamy really. I would love to see Bali with my best friends someday, for now we stick to Seattle. By the way, we (all 7 of us) did just that the other day…went to U-village, then to our hotel room (yes, we shared..crazy!) and then non-stop shopping and a meal at the Dahlia. Not Bali, but nice.
    Miss you both,


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