Hong Kong Weekend


We are kicking ourselves for not taking advantage of HK more often.  Cathay Pacific has flights every 40 minutes and the flight is only 1h20m.

Laura and I are headed out to one of our favorite cities tonight.  We’ve only been there once, but it left a big impression on us.  This time we’re going with friends that used to live there so I’m sure we’ll get to see a whole new side of the city, sort of a local’s perspective.

We get plenty of fried rice, sweet-n-sour chicken, dumplings, etc, so sometimes we have cravings for other types of food.  HK has one of the best Mexican food places we’ve found outside of the states.  Taco Loco is a chain that’s found throughout HK and has one small restaurant just off the escalators.  (There’s a set of escelators that run through central HK for maybe a mile or so.  I’ll post some photos of the escalators later)

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