An Unexpected Trip Home


It’s finally check-out time

After a surprise visit home a couple months ago I assumed that I wouldn’t be making a trip back until next Christmas, but there were other things in the works that would bring me back home a lot sooner. Unfortunately my dad was suddenly admitted to the hospital for double bypass open-heart surgery. Fortunately, he made it through the surgery and is making a very quick recovery.


Sister, sister and brother

We bought the tickets while we were on our HK weekend trip and I headed out the day after we got back to Taipei. It was a relief to see my dad awake and recovering from such a big operation. This trip home turned out to be one of the most relaxing trips in a long time. Of course the hospital visits were frequent, but it was sad to see my dad in pain and tethered to instruments with tubes everywhere.


Hanging out with dad

The trip was also a little different, because it was more focused on staying home and taking care of my dad. There weren’t the daily trips to U-village and miscellaneous errands to pick up things we are missing in Taipei. That said, we capped off the visit with a trip up to Osteria da Primo.  If you want Italian you must go see these guys.  (btw – thanks for the ride to the airport)

When Laura and I decided to take teaching positions in Taipei one of the biggest factors was that we were nearly half way closer to home compared to when we lived in Singapore. With two quick trips home in three months I guess it’s been a good choice.

7 thoughts on “An Unexpected Trip Home

  1. Steve, We hope your Dad will be up and around real soon. We will be thinking about him.
    Love, Grandma and Uncle Bill


  2. Steve, we are so grateful you could be here and for so long. You made the entire process easier, funner and helped your dad recover much quicker…I’m sure of that. You are a wonderful person and we love you! Thanks so much Laura for giving Steve up for 2 weeks!
    P.S., Miss Emma misses you!


  3. Steve and Laura,
    You and your family are in our prayers. We are so glad that things worked out the way they did. Take care.
    Cedric, Deneen and the girls


  4. Dear Steve,

    So sorry to hear your dad had to have by-pass surgery, but am glad things went so well for him. Bet he is probably good to go for another 200,000 miles now!

    I miss you guys. It’s comming up on another Good Hope School Reunion this summer. I’ll have a little ham loaf for you Steve!

    Love and Kisses to you and to Laura
    Auntie P


  5. My comments are belated… so please forgive me. I’m so glad to hear that your dad’s surgery went well and he is on the road to recovery. I wish him the best.


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