Lankayan Experience – Part I

You know life is going to be good when this is the walk from the boat to the island.

This looks like an island you’d see if you were given a pencil and paper and someone asked you to draw a perfect tropical island. It’s small, about 10 acres total and takes about 20 minutes to walk around, if you go slowly.

Here’s the view you’re greeted with each morning.

This little sandbar sticks out on the north end of the island.

The room we are in is at one end of the island near a white sandbar that sticks out into the perfectly clear water. If you are standing in the room and you walk 10 steps out the front door you’d be in the water. If you were standing in the room and you walked 15 steps out of the back door you’d be in the water. You may not even notice you’re in the water, because it’s about the same temperature as the air, 85 degrees.

All this tropical air and beauty makes you act a little strange.

Lankayan Island is ringed by a white sand beach made of broken coral and shells. Some of the sand is so fine that it feels like you’re walking on powdered sugar. If you wanted, you could go the entire time without ever putting on shoes or sandals, in fact it’s best if you stay barefoot. It’s just another way to enjoy this paradise. Before you enter any of the buildings there’s a small tub filled with cool water to dip your feet and rinse off the sand.

The staff is cooking up some calamari and tuna steaks.

Dinner is always better with friends.

The stay here was a treat for all five senses. You see an islanded ringed with white sand and crystal clear water, you hear the waves gently hitting the beach, you touch the powder white sand with your feet, you taste the delicious food the cooks prepare for each meal and you smell the unspoiled breeze that continuously blows in.

2 thoughts on “Lankayan Experience – Part I

  1. Wow! What an incredible experience complete with all your senses being satisfied. This must have been one of the most beautiful places you’ve ever been to in your life. I’m looking forward to more photo’s.


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