Back for Another Visit

There is an area of town where people, much younger than myself, go to hang out, eat, see movies and shop. It feels like it could be around any inner city university. The shops are full of trendy clothes, the music flows out onto the streets and everyone’s main purpose is just to hang out with friends. For a photographer it makes for a vibrant and action-filled backdrop. If you are looking for this area just head southwest out of the main station and across Chungwa Rd.

A little graffiti to brighten up the place.

A little more color

A man collecting recyclable goods

My friend Mike brought me here a few months ago and it was time for another visit

3 thoughts on “Back for Another Visit

  1. great to see all of your updates as always. LOVED diving pics from Malaysia—almost inspired me to do my diving course.
    Hope to see you soooooooooonnnnn in HK or Taiwan
    MF xxx


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