Taipei’s a Friendly City

We may have commented, in general, in the past about how friendly the people of Taipei are, but sometimes it helps to have a concrete example.

Last weekend I spent several hours getting lost, taking photos and ended up a long way from where I started. I was wearing some Birks that weren’t the most comfortable for long walks and I started getting blisters so walking was become less and less enjoyable.

As I was leaving the National Taiwan University campus area I asked someone where Roosevelt Rd. was and he quickly pointed me in the right direction then went on to say that it was quite far. I said thanks and decided that taking a taxi back to my original point was the best idea. I got to a road where I thought I could easily catch a taxi, but couldn’t find one (a rarity in Taipei) so I started walking to a bigger street.

After about 50 steps down the road I felt a tap on the shoulder from behind and the person that gave me directions held up two helmets and asked if I needed a ride. I quickly replied that I’d just take a taxi but he wouldn’t have it any other way and asked me to stay where I was and he’d return on his scooter. Two minutes later he was back. I hopped on back of the scooter and we were on our way. Five minutes later, far too far to walk on my tired feet, we were back at my computer store.

This is just one example of kindness that Laura and I have experienced since moving here. Cities can be beautiful and pristine looking, but without the right people it’s just a pretty place to be. The people of Taiwan make it a great place.

One thought on “Taipei’s a Friendly City

  1. It happened to me sometimes to pick up someone who needs a ride especially at night. In taiwan, you almost no need to worry about people who would like to give you a free ride. Thank to give Taiwan a postive credit. People need to know more about that. If you’re doing something good for this place, you’re not alone.


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