Back from Paradise

Surya, the manager of Komaneka Resort at Tanggayuda.

One of the dozens of cafes and restaurants in Ubud.

Laura picking up some new salt and pepper dishes.

Ubud was a worthwhile excursion from Seminyak. It has a lot of the same attraction that Seminyak has except that it is in the mountains instead of on the beach. If you’re into hiking you would probably enjoy Ubud even more since there are numerous trails to follow in the surrounding forest and fields.

All good things must come to an end. Bali was perfect again, with a perfect mix of people, food and style. I think one of the biggest exports Bali has to offer is their sense of style. Every hotel, restaurant and shop has a very appealing ambiance.

Ubud’s a good place to find hand-crafted art and furniture.

There’s just something about the rice paddies that I was drawn to. Laura thinks it’s because it’s in my blood…

We found a few new favorite foods: satay with peanut sauce, nasi goreng and mei goreng. Basically it is fried rice (nasi) or fried noodles (mei) with vegetables and chicken. This particular dish was from Komaneka’s room service menu. We enjoyed this meal a few times during our stay.

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