See you next year in Singapore

*Notice – If you’re not a Formula One fan this post might be a little boring.

The 550ft high Singapore Flyer overlooks most of the Marina Bay Circuit.

This was an event like no other.  200 mph cars racing under the lights and through the streets of Singapore.  It was one of the best backdrops for any sporting even I’ve ever seen.  There were events preceding the race throughout Singapore, but we weren’t able to attend the track events until Saturday morning.  Saturday and Sunday were filled with activities on and off the track from 1PM until well past midnight.  Racing activities stopped around 11PM each night, but that is when the bands, restaurants and clubs just started going.

I love F1 racing thiiiiiiis much.  The Singapore skyline is in the background.

We made it to the track each day around 2PM and left ten hours later, sunburned, dehydrated and exhausted.  The days were filled with racing from Aston Martins, Porsche 911 GT3s and Formula BMWs and each day was capped off by the running of the F1 cars.  Formula One racing and anything associated with it can cost a fortune so we were quite restricted in grand stand seating.  Seating ranged from $100 general admission walk around tickets to more than $2500 for spots in the prime grand stands.  We chose the low end grand stands which offered a good view, access to a large television monitor and a view of a couple low speed corners.  They were good for the price we paid.

The track runs in front of some of Singapore’s most famous landmarks.

We sat in the stands for qualifying, but found a VERY, VERY good spot in the general admission area for the race so we gave our grand stand seats away to a family that needed the seats more than we did.  We moved some of the barriers around to get an even better seat and then we camped out there from 2:30 until 11PM.

Dan making the first pit stop.  Every good trip starts with a stop at Starbucks.

Lunch at The Prata Cafe before the race.

Dan loving our grandstand seats.

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