Flower Market

Every weekend, the parking lot under one of the elevated freeways turns into a half mile long flower and jade market. A few hundred stalls fill up the parking lot with every type of jade you can imagine and every flower and herb under the sun.

Laura’s picking out some rosemary.

Last fall we planted an herb garden along the side of our house and didn’t maintain it well. We thought we’d give it another try this year and planted more herbs and a few vegetables (thyme, sage, bay leaf, basil, flat leaf parsley, hot peppers, cabbage and even some cat nip for you know who). We’ve already harvested some of the basil and enjoyed a very fresh pesto with roasted walnuts and garlic.

One thought on “Flower Market

  1. My balcony garden didn’t have a chance. The lavender went first and the slaugter continued until my beloved lemon tree fell. I killed my tenth rosemary plant. Phil has since issued a moratorium on rosemary plants in our home. I wish you two better luck.


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