More of Green Island


A lighthouse at the NW corner of the island.

Although we spent most of our time on or below the surface we did have some down-time.  Since you shouldn’t dive within 24 hours of flying we had a full day to scoot and walk around the island and its deserted beaches.

Green is located off the south eastern coast of Taiwan.  To get there we flew Uni Air from Songshan airport to Taitung, about 40 minutes, and then transferred for the short hop over from Taitung.


A completely deserted beach on the NE coast of the island.


The ‘Little Great Wall’ is a stone stairway that extends 300 meters out to the pavilions in the background.


My dive guide and friend.  (Thanks for the great dive trip!)


There are a couple prisons on the island (which isolated island doesn’t have a prison).  I think this one may have been the military prison.


An abandoned aboriginal home on the north coast.


Who needs an SUV in these tough times when a 100cc scooter will do?


We may have seen this guy swimming around just a few hours before this.


Getting ready to leave Green Island for the hustle and bustle of 6,000,000 people in Taipei.

One thought on “More of Green Island

  1. I like the clean, bright new look of the blog. I also like the sushi photo with your friend and his chop sticks out of focus in the background. Green Island looks like a nice, quiet, easy to get to get a way.


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