1200 sq ft of Paris in Taipei


Paul, we’re glad you’re here.

One of our favorite French bakery/delis opened up in Taipei recently.  Paul bakery bakes some of the most delicious breads and pastries you’ll ever have.  They also have a nice selection of light lunches to choose from.  Once you enter you could almost imagine yourself back in Paris sitting down for a delicious ham and cheese baguette or a cheesy quiche with a lightly tossed mixed green salad.


A ham and cheese baguette, mixed green salad, soup and tea for around $10.


Bon Appetit

The diversity of restaurants here in Taipei is amazing and it’s getting even better as we find our way around the city.  You can have this beautiful French lunch or walk 30 feet out the front doors of Paul and have a bowl of local noodles for $1.

2 thoughts on “1200 sq ft of Paris in Taipei

  1. Look very tempting? what does that mean?

    looks very tempting…now that sounds better.

    One of the side effects of reading reports is it – can make a person sometimes forget how to write grammatically correct sentences.


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