Another trip to the Hoosier state


After 27 hours of travel, including connections in Osaka and Detroit, we made it to my sister’s for Christmas.  There’s something so easy about visiting my sister’s house.  Laura and I always have a relaxing time hanging out, shopping, eating well and seeing family.


Laura behind the wheel


Even with all the snow and bad weather there were few delays

Living in the tropics for the last 5 years has changed the way we look at weather.  Summers are hot and humid and winters here in Taipei are mild to say the least.  Right now it’s hovering around 60 degrees (F) and that’s considered cool.


Merry Christmas

I’m not sure what to call the weather in Indy during this visit.  When we arrived it was 11 degrees (-11C) the next day it was 1 degree (-17C) outside and by the end of the week it was 68 degrees (20C).  We couldn’t have packed for a temperature range like that.  As if 1 degree (-17C) isn’t cold enough, winds were blowing at a steady 25mph, giving a wind-chill factor of MINUS 25 degrees (-31C)!


This is way too cold for anyone.

The trip was filled with the usual dinners out at Sakura’s, Steak-n-Shake, and our new favorite burger place, Five Guys.  And of course we were patriotic Americans and did our best to stimulate the economy.

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