Tokyo Weekend, Part I



Last weekend I cashed in some air miles and grabbed a flight up to Tokyo for the weekend.  Tokyo’s about 3 and a half hours north of Taipei and only one time zone away so it makes for a good weekend get-away spot.  Laura and I have spent some time with my family in southern Japan, but this would be my first trip to Tokyo.


Heading down a side street in Shinjuku


Night view over Tokyo.  The building on the left is the Park Hyatt Tokyo from Lost in Translation.

After making your way into the city from Narita (about 90 minutes via train or bus), everything else is a relatively short train ride away.

Finding a place to stay is hard not because there are a limited number of places, but because there are so many choices.  There are numerous districts to stay in depending on what you are looking for so I chose to stay in Shinjuku for its mix of shopping, entertainment and of course the electronics neighborhood.  From Shinjuku I would make my way to different spots around the city.  Obviously two and half days in Tokyo isn’t enough to really see much, but I did the best my legs could handle.


On average, Shinjuku station handles nearly 3.7 million passengers each day!  After exploring Shinjuku the first day and night, I would end up spending a lot of time passing through that station.  From here you could connect to any spot in Tokyo.


One of the numerous sidestreets to shop and dine


Yodobashi Camera….one of the the best camera stores around


Caffe Latte “Mt. Rainier, the mountain of Seattle”

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Weekend, Part I

  1. LOVE the Tokyo pics Steve, they’re fantastic, really sum up the atmosphere. Tokyo is an amazing city isn’t it? Nowhere else quite like it!
    Lots of love to you and Laura xxx


    1. Thanks Kirsty. There is so much of Tokyo to see that I/we will have to go back over and over again. Since is was just me this time I concentrated a lot on the camera and electronics shopping. 🙂


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