Travel Rant

(Please bear with me in this little rant about traveling with KLM yesterday)  We’re finally here. Laura and I have been very, very lucky over the past ten years when it comes to travel.  Flights have always been on time, our luggage has always made it, generally it’s been smooth sailing.  That all came to an abrupt end yesterday.

Boarding our KLM Cityhopper flight from Amsterdam to Munich.

To kick things off, our flight was five hours late leaving Taipei, which meant a very inconvenient layover in Bangkok at 4:30 in the morning.  Those delays caused us to miss our original flight out of Amsterdam to Munich.  KLM automatically booked us onto a later flight to Munich, but as luck would have it, that flight was two hours late also.  Then, after 30 hours of traveling we’re finally standing in Munich’s baggage claim waiting for our bags when we find out one of our bags is missing.  They must be kidding.  After 30 minutes of waiting in a line to make a claim for lost luggage someone says that there’s another batch of bags coming through, ours was one of them.  (OK, my ranting is over, thanks)

2 thoughts on “Travel Rant

  1. Um…YUCK! Glad you guys FINALLY made it along with all of your luggage. Hopefully your trip home will be less “eventful.” MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU BOTH!


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