Munich: Day 2

Waking up to our first snow in six years.

This morning we woke to snow falling and about 4 inches of snow already on the ground.  We got all bundled up and headed out for another day of sight-seeing.  Surprisingly, it was warmer today than yesterday, which allowed us to stay out all day.  We didn’t last too long in the 20ºF weather the day before.

Gluhwein #1

We headed straight to the Christmas Market at Marienplatz and began our eating-fest.  First up potato pancakes fried in… lard.  Next stop, bratwurst in rolls, and finally gluhwein (mulled red wine), which we can’t seem to get enough of!

A much different scene than yesterday.
Bring on the brats.
Bring on the brats.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Berchtesgaden to visit Steve’s family.  After walking 4 miles in the snow today, we’re looking forward to a 2 ½ hour train ride through the Bavarian alps.

Some very healthy potato pancakes
The start of another batch of potato pancakes
Gluhwein #2
Looking down Theatinerstrasse
Snowy rooftops and blue skies
A sneaky photo of Steve in the Hofgarten
Gluhwein #3

4 thoughts on “Munich: Day 2

  1. Hey Guys,
    Sounds like a great time. We need to do Hanoi together someday. Missy (as usual) found a host of small, quaint, expensive places to eat that are not conducive to children, so we’ll come solo next time. : ) Don’t tell the kids.
    Stay warm.


  2. Gorgeous! I am so jealous….I will be spending my Christmas living vicariously through you two. Post more pics, please! Merry Christmas 🙂


  3. warm mulled wine? hullo! miss you both. love seeing the pictures. hope the rest of your trip is fabulous! we are back in good ol’ taipei. see you soon to exchange war stories!


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