Lots of Window Shopping

A wine and cheese shop in the Viktualienmarkt before they closed about 30 minutes after this photo
Some fresh produce in the Viktualienmarkt

On December 24 at 2 pm ALL of the stores closed for Christmas, so we’ve spent a lot of time window shopping.  Most of the restaurants and cafes are open though.  Each day we head out around 10 am, walk a few miles around the Altstadt and then head into a small restaurant for lunch.  We stroll some more and then run into a cafe for a hot chocolate and then it’s nap time.  It is vacation after all.

A Christmas day service

After resting we head back out for our evening walk.  We do a little more window shopping in all of the closed stores and then head to dinner, usually in a place we had staked out earlier in the day.  That pretty much sums up our time in Munich so far.   Relaxed, low key and slow.

Walking along the pedestrian mall at night
Walking around Nymphenburg Palace on a perfect winter day
Olympia Park, site of the 1972 Olympic Games
Our home for 12 days while we're in Munich

2 thoughts on “Lots of Window Shopping

  1. Merry (Belated) Christmas! Your trip looks like it has been beautiful and a real change of pace. So amazing to visit the place where your father was born!! Enjoy the rest of your travels and keep the pictures coming! Hugs to you both!


  2. Hi Lisa! Merry Christmas to you too. Munich has been treating us well, a little too well in the food department. Everything is so starchy, fatty, fried, cheesy…in other words, perfect!

    Hope to see you this summer.


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