Happy New Year from 38,000 feet

We were somewhere over Eastern Europe when the Captain got on the intercom and announced that it was officially 2010. The flight attendants came out with champagne and everyone had a toast, and then in our case, quickly returned back to sleep.

Where ever you were and who ever you were with Laura and I wish you a Happy New Year!

Steve and Laura

A toast from the sky.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year from 38,000 feet

  1. Happy New Year lovely friends!

    Beautiful photos, Steve. The buildings really remind me of Brugges in Belgium, where my mum is from. Hope the European winter weather wasn’t too hard for you! xx


    1. Thanks Kirsty and Happy New Year to you too! We had a little bit of everything while we were in Germany, from -8ºC to +9ºC, snow on some days and rain on others. It didn’t really slow us down though. We’ll have to add Belgium to our list of places to see. Steve


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