HK in B&W

Hong Kong Island from Kowloon

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting in one of my favorite cities with my favorite photographer, my dad. My dad came out to Taiwan for a one week trip that included 2 nights and 3 days in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is an amazing city and no matter how many times you go there or who you go with, you’ll see something new.

My dad looking up

While we were there this time it was the peak of Chinese New Year which meant a couple things, the streets would be relatively quite but that also meant that many of the shops would be closed too. The shops being closed didn’t really have much affect on us since we weren’t there for shopping. And when I say relatively quiet it means that there is still A LOT of foot traffic going on, it’s just low by HK standards.

A happy couple on the Star Ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong
Stopping to take a call along the elevated walkway in the mid-levels.
A few restaurants in SOHO's dining district
Jamiah Masjid Mosque just off the mid-levels escalator
A different view of Hong Kong

All in all, considering the wet, cool, weather and the holiday conditions it was a wonderful trip.  To go to Hong Kong with another photographer stretches you to see things you don’t normally see.

3 thoughts on “HK in B&W

  1. That’s funny. I was in Hong Kong that same week with my favorite photographer as well. I love all your shots and I like it that you did them all in black & white.


  2. I think that you and your Dad could be under the sink in a small town in Alabama and still have a great time together! We can’t wait to see you both here this summer!


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