Getting Lost in Taipei

One of the streets in the Taipei Heritage and Cultural Education Center

I was taking a new camera out for a spin this weekend and got lost somewhere around Longshan temple.  When you have nowhere to be it’s fun to get lost.  I came across a few things I hadn’t seen before and ended up finding my way back home about two hours later.  Fun day.

An empty chair
This shot is not actually too far from home.
Selling painted rocks
Selling painted rocks
An abandoned street vendor's cart

One thought on “Getting Lost in Taipei

  1. I love getting lost, especially in a familiar place. Your images are awesome, as usual and the new Leica looks like it’s doing the job you hoped for…and more. I wish we would have been able to visit a few places like these, but we did well considering the amount of rain that fell. Keep shooting, keep sending photos, keep getting lost.


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