PAD #37 – Hello…


I had a tough time choosing today’s PAD.  Not because I had too many photos, in fact I think there were only two from the whole night that might be worth posting.  The reason it was tough was because I wasn’t sure if I liked this photo in color or B&W best.  As you can see here I ended up choosing the color photo, mostly because I liked the pink poles and this guy’s purple scarf.

Here’s a copy of the B&W version.  Which one do you like best?

4 thoughts on “PAD #37 – Hello…

  1. I definitely like it better in black and white. I really get a feeling of being more involved with the subject (the man on the phone)and am drawn directly to him rather than the surrounding stuff. The color is nice and the red poles framing the shot are nice, but the man (the subject of the photo)becomes second to the surrounding elements.


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