PAD #57 – Walking Feet

Walking Feet

I like crosswalks.  I used a crosswalk (Zebra Crossing PAD #46) as a backdrop a couple weeks ago as well.  I like the stripes, I like the contrast of the black asphalt and the broad white stripes.  I like the movement of people in the street.

This shot was taken while I was waiting at a very long light on my scooter.  It was getting dark, but the light of my scooter and the bazillion other scooters around me lit the scene sufficiently.

One thought on “PAD #57 – Walking Feet

  1. Hi, I am contacting you about the pad#57 image. I work for an architecture & planning company and we would like to use your image for a public outreach on master planning a hwy corridor that runs through the middle of Orem, Utah. We are trying to make a six lane highway friendly to other uses than just the car.

    Please contact me about the usage.




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