The Sky

Sunrise, stormy skies, blue skies, rainy skies, cloudy skies, blue skies and sunsets.

We saw a lot of different weather over the month we were home.  The following shots were taken over Seattle, Chicago, and Las Vegas.

Sunrise of the Puget Sound. One of the 'benefits' of being jet-lagged is that you get to see parts of the day you're normally not around for.
Cloudy skies over Vashon and the Olympic Peninsula
Scary skies over Chicago - This was just before an amazing electrical storm
We had a chance to witness this electrical storm from the 43rd floor of our condo. Cool.
Crisp, clear, blue skies over...Las Vegas. It was at least 100º, but don't worry it was a dry heat.
Sunrise over Lake Michigan
And finally, back home with a perfect sunset in Seattle

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