We Are Still Here!

Hanoi gallery listed on Flickr

I can’t remember having a gap between posts that’s ever been this long.  You know how it goes though, things come up, priorities change and our blog fell down the chain.

Well, here’s a quick catch-up via a Flickr gallery.

Laura and I finally made it to Vietnam.  After 6+ years in Asia we had never made the trip that was only 2.5hrs away.  So many friends have recommended it, but it just never happened until now.

There’s a lot of debate about THE city to visit in Vietnam.  People either fall in love with Hanoi in the far north or Ho Chi Minh City in the south.  We chose Hanoi and it turned out to be a perfect choice for a couple reasons.  First, we went there with friends that knew the city well and second, Hanoi was celebrating their 1,000th anniversary!

The part about celebrating their 1,000th anniversary was pure coincidence and had it’s good points and bad.  The good – We got to see some events and festivals that we normally wouldn’t get a chance to see.  The bad – I have never seen so many people in one place in my life…ever.

In the following posts I’ll add some of our favorite photos.


A crowded street cafe
A crowd of two
Birthday dinner for an old man at the Green Tangerine. If you're in Hanoi you must eat here. They serve beautiful French/Vietnamese fusion.

2 thoughts on “We Are Still Here!

  1. Great photos! We ate at the Green Tangerine too. Did you enjoy the hotel? Are they still serving creme brûlée for breakfast?!


    1. Thanks Kirsty! We LOVED Green Tangerine and will go back anytime we’re in Hanoi. The hotel…perfect. Laura said that she saw them serving creme brulee in one of the restaurants for breakfast, but we ate breakfast at the poolside restaurant.


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