Back…again and a little Cathay Pacific Rant

It’s been a long time, but feels good go have a little space to write.  Facebook is great, but sometimes it’s not enough.  This past month has been hectic.  In the last 4 weeks I’ve seen New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Tokyo.  Next week we’ll add Bangkok to the list and then it’s back to New York for Christmas.  All that travel has taken a bit of a toll on me.

One area that you’d think I’d have down pat is boarding and exiting planes.  Well, unfortunately in Hong Kong last week I left a bag on the plane.  Leaving a bag is not a big deal, it’s the all the goodies that occupy that bag.  My camera, iPad2, headphones, travel wallet and the bag itself were all left behind. Now, I take full responsibility for leaving it behind, but Cathay Pacific did a tremendously poor job of helping me recover my bag.  Even though I was only ten minutes away from the plane and hadn’t even gone through immigration yet, the bag was nowhere to be found.  To make a very long story short, Cathay Pacific said that they wouldn’t be able to let me back on the plane and they wouldn’t be able to look on the plane for at least 20 minutes, because, ‘our office is so far from the gate.’  Needless to say, the bag was gone when they finally made it back to look.  Not happy.

To be fair, after emailing, I did receive a personal email from the CEO of Cathay Pacific.  It was a very kind gesture for him to take the time and write me.  Mostly it felt good that I was being heard.

Ok, beyond that, all this travel has been a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to getting SeattleSteve up and going again.  See you around.

3 thoughts on “Back…again and a little Cathay Pacific Rant

  1. Welcome back! Sorry to hear about the lost goodies, grrrrr! Looking forward to more updates and great photos. Love to you both xx


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