Modifying a Luigi M9 Case


I picked up a Luigi case last back in April, but had the dilemma of wanting to use both the case and the Thumbs Up simultaneously. I had seen a few cases that had been modified for this use, but I have always liked Luigi’s stuff so I stuck with his case.


I had heard that Luigi will make alterations to his cases, but I was staring at the perfect case and it was at the shop right in front of me.  My impatience won and I picked up the case without the custom cut-out.  The case did come pre-stitched to accommodate the cutting, but the shop I purchased it from didn’t want to do it and recommended someone who works with leather as it can be tricky.


I contemplated doing this myself, but decided that I: 1) don’t have the tools and 2) don’t have the skill of a leather craftsman. Even though it seems pretty straight forward I brought it to a local shoemaker and had it professionally modified within about 5 minutes at a cost of US$3.

It turned into a nice photo story as well watching him cut, stitch and shave the case. The end result is great. I have the best of both worlds now, a beautifully made Luigi case and the added handling of the Thumbs Up grip.


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