Riding Taipei’s MRT

I like the subway in NYC, the Metro in Paris is beautiful, the Tokyo subway system can be confusing and Hong Kong’s MTR is very efficient, but for some reason I never ride the MRT lines around Taipei even though they are clean, cheap and efficient.  We have a scooter and a car for getting around, but sometimes the MRT is faster and much, much easier if you’re thinking about parking in downtown Taipei.


So, today a friend convinced me to ride the train home and it was perfect.  There’s a stop three blocks from my home and it’s quicker and infinitely safer than me riding my scooter downtown through heavy traffic.  Perhaps best of all, it could be a great source of photo opportunities.  However, today I was riding around with my relatively slow 50mm Summicron.  I would have been much happier with the 35mm Summilux or even a 21mm of any variety.  I did add some photos taken with the 35mm Summilux from previous days.

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