Last Couple of Days in NYC

I have a problem.  Only one of my lenses is six-bit coded, and it’s the lens I use the least. My other two, the 35mm Summilux and the 50mm Summicron aren’t coded either so I manually code them via the menu.  The problem is that I rarely change lenses and when I do I rarely remember to change the lens coding on the camera, so most of the time the EXIF data will read “35mm Summilux” even if was in fact taken with the 50mm or 75mm.


The only time this is troublesome is when I’m shooting with a lens wider than 35mm or when I can’t remember what lens I was using.  With other gear I’ve owned you simply look at the EXIF data, because the camera automatically senses the lens, but with the M9 if you don’t set the lens coding manually (for uncoded lenses) you have nothing to rely on.

Ok, back to NYC.  Clearly we love it there and would be happy to return any time.  This year I got to visit in June, October and December and each visit was just as good as the others.  It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, it doesn’t matter who you’re with New York City is always the same, wonderful.

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