A Walk Around the Neighborhood – Taipei, Taiwan

Laura and I headed out for a walk tonight, stopped at EatBurger and picked up a few things at the grocery store.


EatBurger has become quite popular among the expat crowd in the last few months.  Until recently it was hard to find a good American style burger.  A couple places popped up downtown, about 30 minutes from us, but that’s not always convenient. Luckily for us, and all the foreigners living here in Teinmu, EatBurger opened up.  Word of good restaurants, especially those that cater to western tastes, spreads fast.

Tonight’s walk around gear was my current go-to kit, the M9 and 35mm Summilux.  First: it’s night and this Summilux is the fastest lens I have, the other being the Summicron, and second: it’s nearly the perfect focal length for the street work I like to do.

3 thoughts on “A Walk Around the Neighborhood – Taipei, Taiwan

  1. Hi Steve, I am a Leica shooter as well and I am moving to Taipei. Could you tell me where is this burger place? I will be living in the Tien Mu area near TAS so it would great to know a good place for burger.




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