Photography Has Stood the Test of Time

20120126-L9996998-1024x737Winter is usually the best time of year for me to get out and shoot since I’m not too fond of the 34ºC (94ºF) and high humidity.  Winter here usually means temperatures around 15ºC (60ºF) with relatively little rain.  With that said, I haven’t been out much lately.



Nothing in particular is holding me back.  Work is busy as usual, but I have spent a little extra time on another hobby lately, road biking.  I’ve gone through a lot of hobbies in the past: scuba diving, playing the cello, snowboarding, wake boarding, but one hobby has lasted through all of that, photography.  I’m not sure if cycling will last longer than the other ‘hobbies du jour’ but I can always count on photography as the one constant in my life.




So, when I haven’t been on the bike lately, I’ve been eating, and eating and eating.  Below are a few photos from two restaurants in the W Taipei, Yen and The Kitchen Table.




One thought on “Photography Has Stood the Test of Time

  1. Might I make a suggestion that could solve your dilemma? Photograph bikes! I am no pro or anything, but I love photographing bikes; my bikes, other peoples bikes, bike shadows and reflections, parts of bikes, you name it. It just gives me a thrill when I actually get a good shot too! As a fellow Cervelo owner, I cannot imagine anyone riding one, and cycling not become a life-long love affair! You see, this way, you can ride guilt free, and still get your photography work in all at the same time! Yay!

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