Weekend Trip to Hong Kong

View from one of the floor to ceiling windows in the room

It’s great to have a place, not too far away, that you can get away from everything.  A place in the same time zone, a place to leave your work, pets, bills, grocery shopping…leave it all behind.  For us this local get away is Hong Kong.  I would have to rank it up there with the greatest cities in the world: Paris, New York City and Tokyo.  In Hong Kong you can complete immerse yourself in the Eastern culture in the morning and move into the Western world at night or any combination you’d like.

Thank you, Tommy.
Thank you, Tommy.

For this trip it was all about eating, napping and relaxing.  Our base this time would be The Upper House.  There can’t be enough good things said about this place.  In fact, it’s currently Tripadvisor’s 2nd best hotel in the world.  I’ll try to sum up the experience with a quick anecdote.

Friday evening my wife and I arrived at the hotel and being the camera geek that I am the M9 was hanging around my neck.  The person assigned to our stay, Tommy, checked us in, showed us around the room and let us go about the rest of our evening.  Skip ahead 24 hours.  My wife and I return to the room after a great dinner and there’s a knock on the door.  (Tommy being a photographer himself noticed the Leica around my neck when we checked in.)  He hands over a beautiful book of photography from around Hong Kong and says, “I saw the camera you were wearing and thought you might enjoy this book.”  He handed the book over with a long handwritten card and mentioned some other books he was looking at, but thought this one was the best.  It was.

From this small event at The Upper House you can imagine how the rest of the stay would be, perfect.

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