A Special Birthday in San Fancisco

Time to celebrate a special birthday with a special friend
Time to celebrate a special birthday with a special friend

A few weeks ago we headed to San Francisco to meet up with a very close friend and my father.  Our dear friend was celebrating a special birthday and it worked out that we could all meet in San Francisco for a week of dinners, shopping and on my part, photography.

If you’ve seen any photo of the city you already know how beautiful it is here.  I’ve shot the city a few times with various gear, but really wanted to give the new Sony RX1r a workout.  With it’s fixed 35mm Zeiss f/2 lens and amazing full frame sensor I was looking forward to the photographs.  The M9 accompanied me on this trip too, because no matter how good the Sony may be, it will never be a replacement for the Leica.

The photographic highlight of the trip was heading out to the Marin Headlands and taking that iconic shot of the Golden Gate with San Francisco in the background.  I’d seen this photo countless times and wanted to see it once with my own eyes.  It was worth the drive and time and I’ll do it again the next time I’m there.

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