About the Header – The Dividing Line

The dividing line
The Dividing Line

The current header, see full photo above, was taken in San Francisco a few weeks ago.  We have a great hotel one block from this spot that we have stayed in a few times.  On one occasion we hopped in a cab and headed out for dinner and the cab driver headed down this rather clean, fairly well lit alley.  He mentioned that this was a ‘dividing line’ in the city.  For a few blocks west of this alley things were somewhat questionable in the evenings.  We made our way west of this ‘dividing line’ a several times, in the evening and didn’t really see a difference from one block to the other.

Photographically speaking, I really liked this alley.  Great symmetry of lines, nice mix of horizontal and vertical lines, well lit for night shooting and perfectly safe.  The perspective was taken from a very low, crouching position.  Even though I like a change of perspective this was out of necessity, since a tripod  was not an option and crouching gave me a little more stability in this case.

Camera Information:

  • Sony RX1r
  • 35mm
  • f/2
  • 1/3s (very slow for a handheld, non-stabilized lens)
  • ISO100

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