The Sony RX1r and Some Good Food

Posting images of food seems to be frowned upon by many, but not me.  Food is universal, we can all relate; it is colorful, has interesting shapes, is served in an infinite number of ways and is often surrounded by social events and gatherings of friends and family.  Photos of food, for me brings back good memories of times and places.

These were as good as they look.
These were as good as they look.

The Sony RX1r is a fantastic camera and there are a few features, related to food photography that I wanted to mention here.  First, the RX1r returns very accurate colors.  That green salad with the freshly chopped cherry tomatoes is represented in almost perfect hues of greens and reds.  Second, the lens has a close shooting mode that focuses down to 20 cm.  Compare that to the Leica where most lenses have a minimum focus distance of 70 cm.  Finally, it’s discreet.  The RX1r doesn’t need a flash, because of the excellent ISO range, it is small and it’s silent.

One plea to the other food shooters out there, please do not use a flash when you are taking photos of your food in restaurants.  It spoils the atmosphere not just for your table, but for those around you.  A growing number higher-end restaurants are banning photography just for these reasons, so please do your part by turning off your flash.

All that being said, let’s enjoy some good food together.

Black truffle and lobster. Possibly the best bite of food I've ever had.
Black truffle and lobster. Possibly the best bite of food I’ve ever had.
Meatballs coming up.
Meatballs coming up.


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