About the Header – Tokyo Skyline

Tokyo's beautiful skyline and sunset with Mt. Fuji overlooking the city.
Tokyo’s beautiful skyline at sunset with Mt. Fuji watching over the city.  (full, uncropped image from header)

I’m a big fan of Tokyo.  I’m a fan of the food, the people, the culture and I especially enjoy the photographic opportunities. If you want to shoot landscape there are beautiful places to shoot.  If you want to shoot urban-landscapes there are places to shoot.  If you want to shoot street, you’ve come to the right place.  Whatever you enjoy shooting you’ll find it here.  I’ve been trying my best to get there about once a year, sometimes meeting up with my friend Dave (ShootTokyo.com), sometimes with my wife and sometimes on my own.  Whatever the reason, photography is always on the agenda.

The photo was shot handheld from the window in our hotel room.  I closed the curtains behind me and turned off the lights in the room to minimize any glare and tried to get the camera lens flush against the glass to avoid any stray light.  For the best view of Tokyo through the lens be sure to check out Dave’s page listed above.  His blog will point out some of the best, hidden parts to shoot Tokyo.

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