About the Header – Three Friends


Living overseas has sometimes been very difficult.  It’s full of adventure, nothing is easy, nothing is predictable and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming.  Our family, friends and culture exist 7,000 miles away across a large ocean, but we continue to remain overseas by choice.  There’s something addicting to the chaos of an unpredictable life.

In some ways it has made our time at home a more rich experience.  We look forward to seeing everyone, going out for dinners, meeting downtown for some shopping or just hanging out on the deck watching the sunset.  In this header image Laura and two friends stand on the deck talking, laughing and just enjoying each other’s company.  This particular day we also happen to be waiting for the Fourth of July fireworks barge to show up.  We are looking forward to this same exact situation in a few months.

One thought on “About the Header – Three Friends

  1. How wonderful! I haven’t visited your blog much and missed this post by years! That was a wonderful evening and we miss you here but love seeing you adventures through your beautiful photographs.

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